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The CTO-PLUS Filter is a high performance filter used to reduce chemicals, chlorine taste & odor, and VOC's from your drinking water.

Powered by Greenblock technology, this filter is manufactured using 100 percent coconut shell carbon, a renewable,and ecologically sustainable material. The CTO-PLUS Series Filter is also ideal for use in residential and commercial water purification systems, food service, industrial makeup, product rinse, process water, and pre and post-R0 systems which require nearly absolute chlorine reduction.

Product Features

Product Specifications

Filter Specifications:
High VOC Reduction
High Chemical Absorption
Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction
Extruded Carbon Core to prevent channeling, fluidizing, bypassing, and the release of carbon fines
1 Micron Nominal Filtration
Flow Rate: 1 GPM @ 3.5 psi
Dimensions: 9.75 inches x 2.5 inches
Max Temp: 125 °F
Max Operating Pressure: 250 psi
Max Differential Pressure: 100 psi
Capacity: based on contaminant (see below)
Chlorine 20,000 Gallons
Chloroform 750 Gallons
High Absorptive Capacity and Efficiency
NSF and WQA certification for Material Safety
California Prop. 65 compliance
Exceptionally low pressure drop
High Dirt Holding Capacity

Dimensions10" H x 2.5" W x 2.5" D
25.4 cm H x 6.4 cm W x 6.4 cm D
Weight1 lbs
0.5 kg


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