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Quench Q6

Bottleless Water Cooler with Firewall®

Elevate your water cooler with the Quench Q6 with Firewall®! This aesthetically pleasing bottleless water cooler looks great in small breakrooms, offices, and waiting areas. The Quench Q6 offers clean, great-tasting hot and cold drinking water through a touch button or optional touchless sensor-activated dispensing.

In addition to antimicrobial surface protection to control microbial surface growth, the Quench Q6 features Firewall® UV-C technology at the point of dispense to maintain water cleanliness, easing any worries of cross-contamination. The Quench Q6 is available as a compact freestanding model or a space-saving countertop machine.


Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Bottleless standard capacity water cooler
  • Cold and hot filtered on-demand drinking water
  • Push button dispensing with an optional touchless sensor-activated dispensing
  • Antimicrobial surface protection technology
  • Firewall UV-C technology at the point of dispense for better water quality and system cleanliness
Dimensions46.3” h x 13.7” w x 14.3” d/
117.6 cm h x 34.8 cm w x 36.4 cm d
17.75” h x 13.7” w x 14.3” d/
40.1 cm h x 34.8 cm w x 36.4 cm d
Weight58 lbs./26.3 kg42 lbs./19.1 kg
Cold tank capacity1.06 gal/4 liters0.53 gal/2 liters
Hot tank capacity0.4 gal/1.5 liters0.4 gal/1.5 liters
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