Freestanding Q5 and Q8 and countertop Q12 side by side

Water for the Office! Save 50% compared to Water Delivery!

Get an endless supply of the cleanest drinking water.

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    Cut Water Costs

    Quench customers typically save up to 50% versus traditional bottled water coolers. And they don’t have the hassles of storing and lifting bottles!

    Drink Cleaner Water

    A Quench machine uses state-of-the-art purification technology to provide ultra-clean, great tasting drinking water.

    Sustainable Solutions

    Reduce your environmental footprint: stop adding plastic jugs to landfills and relying on gas-guzzling delivery trucks by switching to Quench water coolers!

    A Few of Our 100,000+ Customers

    I want to thank the team at Quench for the quick, professional installation of our new water system. You and your installation team made the process very simple and timely from start to finish. I highly recommend your product as an alternative to water bottles!
    Bay Area Regional Medical Center

    About Quench

    For over twenty years, Quench has been the water expert that more businesses rely on for their office water and ice needs. Quench is uniquely able to tailor drinking water solutions because of our broad product array, state-of-the-art purification and filtration technologies, and in-depth knowledge of local water conditions. And only Quench has an experienced, dedicated service team on-call across North America.