We are all aware that during these hot summer months, kids are likely to be spending their time playing outside. Whether it be in the backyard with their best friends or at a day camp, the need to stay properly hydrated is essential. Sure water bottles are an option, but is that helping the environment?

The latest news in water bottle culture is coming out of Hillsborough County, Florida. Hillsborough County has been known to see some pretty hot days during the summer months and they were interested in figuring out the best way how they could keep everyone cool and hydrated as they battle the summer heat. In an effort to reduce plastic waste and address dehydration, Hillsborough County has installed around 60 water filling stations at various parks, libraries, recreational centers and schools. The installation process is fairly easy due to the fact that the machines are attached to the top of already existing water fountains.

Kara Walker, senior public relations strategist for Hillsborough County, has stated that the water filling stations have saved about 23,700 plastic bottles in the area alone over the past 15 months. Many of these stations are also averaging savings of around 3,000 bottles a month.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for Hillsborough County. Having access to clean and accessible water at these stations in public places is crucial when you consider just how dirty water fountains can be. Sometimes there could even be more germs found on the water fountain than in toilet water! This is something you never have to worry about with Quench! Quench uses advanced filtration and sanitization technologies tailored to your local water conditions to reduce bacteria.

Quench bottleless water coolers address all the health, cost, and environmental concerns that both public drinking fountains and bottled water present. Quench coolers are ideal for providing hydration for large groups of people in schools, offices, gyms or other places that traditionally house public drinking fountains or where someone would carry bottled water.

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