The latest in the Ban the Bottle movement comes out of the Lone Star State. The Houston Zoo, who in 2015 removed plastic bags in the gift shops to protect animals in the wild, has now eliminated single-use plastic water bottles from all concession stands at the zoo!

The Houston Zoo, which started off as two animal display back in 1922, is now the second most-visited zoo in the Nation. The latest environmental efforts by the zoo comes as no surprise. The Houston Zoo supports more than a dozen conservation projects in Texas and across the globe that assist in the survival of endangered wildlife and habitats.

With the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles, the environmental impact will be significant. It is estimated that it will reduce the amount of plastic waste by nearly 300,000 single-use plastic bottles in just one year.

Upon arrival at the zoo, guests will now be presented with two choices if they would like to purchase water. The first is an aluminum reusable water bottle that is pre-filled or a JUST Water recyclable, paper-based water bottle at any of the restaurants or kiosks.

The zoo also offers two water bottle refilling stations throughout its grounds. There are free standing, green fountains and silver, chilled fountains that are attached to walls and made easily recognizable by signs that state, “Save Sea Turtles Here”. The zoo prides themselves on the fact that they are committed to saving animals and helping the environment.

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