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Quench: The Cleaner, Greener, More Affordable Water Cooler for Toronto & London

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Serving London and the Greater Toronto Area

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Cut Water Costs
Quench customers typically save up to 50% versus traditional water delivery. And they don't have the hassles of storing and lifting bottles!
Drink Cleaner Water
A Quench machine uses advanced filtration technologies to deliver clean, great-tasting water for your workplace!
Sustainable Solutions
Reduce your environmental footprint: stop adding plastic jugs to landfills and relying on gas-guzzling delivery trucks by switching to Quench!

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Quench Canada and Quench USA Now on One Quench Website

In August 2017, Quench Water Canada (“Quench Canada”) combined with Quench USA, a subsidiary of AquaVenture Holdings (NYSE: WAAS). Quench Canada and Quench USA have collaborated for many years to provide services to each other’s customers across the border. With this combination Quench Canada and Quench USA will have one united website to showcase our selection of filtered water systems and will continue to offer great customer service with service teams in over 250 markets across North America. To learn more about this combination, please click here to read the announcement.

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Why Filter Water in the London and Toronto area?

Prior to 1873, the procurement and distribution of Lake Ontario water for drinking for Toronto’s residents was the responsibility of the private company, Furniss Works. In 1873, the City of Toronto assumed responsibility and quickly expanded the system as the population grew. By the mid-1950s, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto took control over providing drinking water for Toronto and the surrounding areas. For the next 30 years, Toronto metropolitan’s areas current infrastructure was developed, including the R.C. Harris Treatment Plant (completed in 1941), the R.L Clark Treatment Plant (completed in 1968), the Island Treatment Plant (completed in 1977), and the F.J Horgan Treatment Plant (completed in 1980).

Toronto’s drinking water is considered some of the finest in the world when it leaves the water treatment plants. However, like many older cities, the tap water travels through older cast iron pipes, which are susceptible to corrosion and biofilm contamination from chemical reactions. These reactions can create clusters of pipe deterioration and bacteria along the inside of the pipe, resulting in rotten egg or decayed taste or an earthy, grassy taste. To combat the corrosion and biofilm contamination that has become synonymous with cast iron pipes, many municipal water department add high levels of chlorine, which gives the water medicinal taste.

In addition to possible contamination from cast iron pipes, Toronto and the surrounding area’s residents should also be mindful of a recent warning from the International Joint Commission about the water quality and potential problems from pollution caused by sewage discharged into of the Great Lakes.

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Why Choose Quench Canada?

Quench offers the full complement of filtration and purification technologies to remove sediment, eliminate bacteria, viruses, and parasites, reduce chemical contaminants, including lead, and get rid of off-tastes and odors. That’s how we can guarantee that Quench office water cooler produces the cleanest water available, removing any worry about what your office’s drinking water might have picked up on its journey to your glass.

With over 20 years of experience providing clean, great-tasting drinking water to businesses in the greater London and Toronto area, Quench Canada are the local office drinking water experts. And to support our commitment to sustainability, Quench Canada proudly contributes to Hope for Rural Children and Orphans (HORCO). HORCO is a volunteer-based charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to carry-out water, sanitation, education, and HIV/AIDS awareness projects in developing nations, specifically in Ethiopia.

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Serving the Greater London and Toronto Metropolitan Area
  • I want to thank the team at Quench for the quick, professional installation of our new water system. You and your installation team made the process very simple and timely from start to finish. I highly recommend your product as an alternative to water bottles! Bay Area Regional Medical Center
  • The number one goal that we had was sustainability. To have a common place where everyone can come get fresh, clean water. We couldn’t find a better opportunity than Quench. Zev Ziegler, Kind Healthy Snacks
  • The Quench technician was a true pro: he picked an ideal location in the break room, hooked it into our copper water line and remarkably concealed it under the wall. Just an all around great experience! Kevin M. Fox, Capstone Insurance Group