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Bevi brought to you by Quench

Flavored Water On-Demand

*Only Available in Vancouver*

Improve your office hydration by offering flavored water on-demand with the Bevi smart water machine. The Bevi dispenses flavored chilled and sparkling water through an elegant and smart user experience. This smart water dispenser is also internetconnected and notifies Quench technicians when a machine needs servicing. Available as a freestanding machine or a space-saving countertop machine

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Choose and mix from four flavors at a time
  • Chilled and sparkling water
  • Offers both touchless or touchscreen interface dispensing for easy customization
  • Proprietary no flavor cross-contamination design
  • Freestanding model fits in compact 61 cm x 61 cm
    floor space
  • CO2 cylinder fits inside the Freestanding model
  • Plumbing and hardware for Countertop model are integrated into base cabinets below
  • Click here to download the Bevi by Quench flavors
Dimensions155 cm h x 56 cm w x 56 cm dAbove counter: 47cm h x 25cm w x 28cm d
Under-the-counter: 71cm h x 86cm w x 61cm d
(easily fits into 2 cabinets)
Weight343 lbs-
Dispensing Height28 cm25 cm
Water OptionsSparkling and cold still with and without
added flavor
Sparkling and cold still with and without
added flavor
Recommended Water Pressure50 - 80 psi50 - 80 psi
Rated Voltage/Frequency120v/60Hz120v/60Hz
Power Consumption6 amps (recommend
dedicated electrical outlet)
6 amps (recommend
dedicated electrical outlet)

Touchless BEVI Technology

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