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Bevi brought to you by Quench

Flavored Water On-Demand

Improve your office hydration by offering flavored water on-demand with the Bevi smart water machine. The Bevi dispenses flavored chilled and sparkling water through an elegant and smart user experience. This smart water dispenser is also internet-connected and notifies Quench technicians when a machine needs servicing. Available as a freestanding machine or a space-saving countertop machine

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Choose and mix from four flavors at a time
  • Chilled and sparkling water
  • Offers both touchless or touchscreen interface dispensing for easy customization
  • Proprietary no flavor cross-contamination design
  • Freestanding model fits in compact 61 cm x 61 cm
    floor space
  • CO2 cylinder fits inside the Freestanding model
  • Plumbing and hardware for Countertop model are integrated into base cabinets below
  • Click here to download the Bevi by Quench flavors
Dimensions155 cm h x 56 cm w x 56 cm dAbove counter: 47cm h x 25cm w x 28cm d
Under-the-counter: 71cm h x 86cm w x 61cm d
(easily fits into 2 cabinets)
Weight343 lbs-
Dispensing Height28 cm25 cm
Water OptionsSparkling and cold still with and without
added flavor
Sparkling and cold still with and without
added flavor
Recommended Water Pressure50 - 80 psi50 - 80 psi
Rated Voltage/Frequency120v/60Hz120v/60Hz
Power Consumption6 amps (recommend
dedicated electrical outlet)
6 amps (recommend
dedicated electrical outlet)

Touchless BEVI Technology

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