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Naturizzata Americana 170

Countertop Bottle Filling Sparkling Water Dispenser

Enhance your countertop bottler with the Naturizzata Americana 170 sparkling water dispenser! With its easy-to-use pull tap dispensing, the Naturizzata Americana 170 can produce up to 170 liters of chilled still or sparkling water per hour, perfect for busy restaurants, bars, and catering operations.

The Naturizzata Americana 170 uses UV and anti-contamination technology to ensure water cleanliness and hygienic usage. The Naturizzata Americana 170 is a single unit suitable for installation on top of your drinking station countertop while the Naturizzata Americana 170 Tower is an integrated cobra-style dispensing tap on your countertop with the machine components installed in the cabinets below.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Cold, ambient, and chilled sparkling water on-demand
  • Tap dispensing
  • Dispense height almost 12” to accommodate bottles and carafes
  • UV and anti-contamination technology to maintain cleanliness
  • Attractive stainless-steel case
  • Requires undercounter space and access
  • 48 reusable glass bottles provided
  • Available as a countertop machine and as an integrated tap system installed into the cabinet and countertop as Naturizzata Americana 170 Tower
Naturizzata Americana 170Naturizzata Americana 170 Tower
Dimensions Above Counter18.9” h x 14.6” w x 21.7” d/
48 cm h x 37 cm w x 55 cm d
(height measures to top of the tap)
19.3” h x 8” w x 8” d/
49.1 cm h x 20.4 cm w x 20.4 cm d
(Please leave about 5”/12.7 cm above
the tower for tap usage)
Dimensions Undercounter14.6“ h x 10.8“ w x 7.9“d/
37 cm h x 27.3 cm w x 20 cm d
Chiller: 18.9” h x 14.6” w x 21.7” d/
48 cm h x 37 cm w x 55 cm d
Naturalization unit: 14.6“ h x 10.8“ w x 7.9“ d/
37 cm h x 27.3 cm w x 20 cm d
Dispense height11.75“/29.9 cm10.7”/21.2 cm
Above Counter Weight110 lbs/50 kgs5 lbs/2.27 kgs
Undercounter Weight16.6 lbs/7.5 kgsChiller: 110 lbs/50 kgs
Naturalization unit: 16.6 lbs/7.5 kg
Water OptionsCold, ambient, chilled sparklingCold, ambient, chilled sparkling
Cooling Capacity45 gal/170 liters45 gal/170 liters
Recommended Water Pressure36 – 51 psi36 – 51 psi
Rated Voltages/Frequency115V/60Hz15V/60Hz
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