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Quench Q9

High-Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler with Firewall®

Elevate your water cooler with the Quench Q9 with Firewall®! The Quench Q9 offers enough cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot filtered water on-demand for any office, commercial space, or high-traffic area. It has antimicrobial surface protection, which controls microbial growth on key surfaces. Plus, with the Quench Q9, you get patented Firewall® UV-C technology at the point of dispense to keep your water as clean as possible.

If you’re interested in saving your business money and reducing your environmental impact, the Quench Q9 has you covered! This machine features a programmable energy-saving sleep mode to reduce power consumption and a “bottles saved counter” to keep track of the total number of 16 oz. single-use plastic bottles your machine saves. The Quench Q9 is available as an ergonomically designed freestanding machine or a space-saving compact countertop machine.


Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Bottleless high-capacity water cooler with a “bottles saved counter” to track 16 oz. plastic bottles saved from users
  • Cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot filtered drinking water on-demand
  • Interactive full color LED display with dial dispensing
  • Optional touchless interface available
  • Antimicrobial surface protection technology
  • Firewall® UV-C technology at the point of dispense for better water quality and system cleanliness
Dimensions50" h x 15.70" w x 20.5" d
127 cm h x 39.9 cm w x 52.07 cm d
17" h x 15" w x 20.5" d
43.18 cm h x 38.1 cm w x 52.07 cm d
Weight103 lbs./46.8 kgs 66 lbs/ 30 kgs
Dispensing Area10.74”/27.28 cm10.74”/27.28 cm
Cold Tank Capacity4.0 gal/15.2 liters/hr4.0 gal/15.2 liters/hr.
Hot Tank Capacity0.4 gal/1.5 liter0.4 gal/1.5 liter
Recommended Water Pressure40 – 60 psi40 – 60 psi
Rated Voltage/Frequency120V/60Hz120V/60Hz
Model NumberQ9 FSQ9 CT
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