The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weirdest water-related news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Under the Sea! A local radio station in the Florida Keys held a broadcast underwater and attracted about 400 divers to listen!
  • I think this elephant just wanted to go for a swim! The Sri Lankan Navy took part in a 12-hour rescue to save an elephant that washed out to sea several miles from the coast.
  • Would you ever drink maple tree water? A new company called Asarasi is now selling what they call organic water that they claim is filtered through a maple tree!
  • I would not want to get in the way of this water gun! A former NASA engineer has created a monster-sized water gun called the “world’s largest super soaker” that is capable of smashing glass, Coke cans, and watermelons!
  • Amazing group effort at Panama City Beach! An estimated 80 people formed a human chain in the water to save two kids from a rip current!