The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weirdest water-related news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Ancient Ocean on Mars? A new study concludes that a long time ago Mars may have been much more watery than we had expected.
  • You’ll never believe what these astronauts are drinking! NASA scientists distilled all the information about urine and created a distillery that turns an astronaut’s whiz into drinking water.
  • How did he do that?! A guy at a Jamaica water park was filmed coming down a water slide gliding across the pool water into a perfect landing at the end of the pool on the other side. Must be magic!
  • Those are a nice pair of Sneaks! NASA has adopted a new technique for measuring water clarity from a Maryland man who has been using white sneakers to collect data for the past 29 years!
  • I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat! An Alaskan man and his dog needed to be pulled in by the Coast Guard after his homemade and duct-taped watercraft started to sink!