The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weirdest water news stories. Come back each Friday for new stories!

No, it isn’t a sign of the apocalypse – a Siberian river has suddenly turned blood red and authorities think it might be related to a copper-nickel chemical leak.

Water skiing before walking? Six-month old Auburn Absher is the world’s youngest water skier according to his father.

A gentle giant as a swimming buddy! A snorkeler in Army Bay, off the Auckland coast, was joined by an orca for a friendly swim.

Cue the Benny Hill theme song… A fisherman brought his dog along for an afternoon fishing, but the afternoon soon took a turn for the hilarious when the dog tried to help cast and ended up flipping the small canoe!

Recyclable uniforms? Jonna Bell’s company Nube9 recycles plastic water bottles to sew athletic uniforms, making the uniforms themselves recyclable!