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Serve Delicious Filtered Water

Quench provides high-quality filtered water to over 1,000 homes in Canada.

Quench provides high-quality filtered water to over 1,000 homes in Canada because we offer an eco-friendly under-sink filtration system, state-of-the-art water purification technologies, and an in-depth knowledge of local water conditions. And with Quench, the most difficult step of your installation will be picking which modern faucet to install with your system.

Sometimes, even the best water in Canada can taste weird, or contain some weird contaminants. Water has to travel sometimes hundreds of kilometers from source to your sink, and there are hundreds of opportunities for contamination along the way – like turbidity and sediment changes in reservoirs and rust and mineral buildup in pipes in or near your home.

Water Filtration Fit for the Home

Our H-Series filtration system uses NSF-certified carbon filtration to remove chlorine taste, odours, and other contaminants like asbestos fibers. Then this sanitary filter will catch and retain the particles to keep them away from human contact, even when you change the filter each year.

Save the Environment with Convenience

At Quench, we understand you are busy so your last worry should be whether you are providing your family with clean, drinking water. The Quench H-series filtration system relieves that worry while allowing you live sustainable lifestyle. Replacing a bottled water cooler means big environmental savings, like saving hours of electricity, conserving gallons of fuel, and keeping pounds of plastic waste out of landfills!

And an installed Quench H-series filtration system also means no more running to the shop to buy replacement filters or keeping track of when you need to change the filter – we will remind you when it is time to order and change (about once a year). And changing the filter is as easy as changing a lightbulb!

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We had one of their home water filter systems installed and it is amazing. Paul came round and fitted it into the granite worktop with the minimum of fuss. The difference in the water really surprised me. Now we use it for all our cooking, cups of tea, etc. Way to go Quench! Great service.


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