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Hassle-Free Water Dispenser Rentals From Quench

Provide your workplace with an unlimited supply of clean, great-tasting, and filtered drinking water from bottleless coolers that are serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Quench Bottleless Water Cooler Rentals
and Filtration Systems

Bottleless Water Coolers

Freestanding and countertop dispensers with cutting-edge filtration technology.

  • Advanced filtration & sanitization
  • Touchless dispensing
  • Reduce plastic waste
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Ice Machines With Water

Enjoy clean, great-tasting water and chewable or tulip ice.

  • Certified filters, touchless dispensing
  • High-capacity ice production
  • Available with cold and hot water
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Sparkling Water

Bottomless bubbles with built-in filtration for your modern workplace.

  • Sparkling and flavored options
  • Touchless dispensing
  • Choose from multiple unit sizes
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h-series water filtration system on top of a counter


Advanced drinking water filtration systems for your home.

  • NSF-certified carbon filtration
  • Annual filter change reminders and easy installation
  • Eco-friendly under-sink filtration system
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Benefits of Water Dispenser Rental For Your Business

Eliminate Unnecessary Charges

Bottled water and bottled water coolers are expensive to maintain, incurring initial purchasing, bottle replacement, and service costs. With bottled water delivery, the related costs of bottling, plastic packaging and labels, transportation, and manpower are included in your final invoice. These unnecessary water delivery service charges are eliminated when you rent a bottleless water cooler from Quench.

Save Time, Space & Effort

Not only does water cooler rental rid your company of an inefficient water solution, it also alleviates the lifting, storing, and replacement of cumbersome and heavy bottles, saving your employees time and eliminating the risk of injury. With low, fixed monthly rates, renting a water dispenser from Quench is a financially viable and sustainable water solution for any business.

Simplify Service

Furthermore, when you rent a water dispenser from us, our trained technicians carry out the installation and set-up, leaving you with nothing technical to worry about. By offering a comprehensive rental service, Quench ensures that you are completely covered.
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Very happy with the flexibility of service and quick installation time. Water tastes very clean. We love the hot water on demand! Thank you Quench.
Meghan F.,
Vancouver, BC
There are many advantages that I never took into consideration such as no dirt or heavy lifting of those big 18L bottles. Also they are very environmentally friendly.
Marco P.,
Saint-Laurent, QC

The Real Cost of Bottled Water

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Why Rent from Quench

Service and Maintenance

All Quench bottleless water cooler rentals come with service and maintenance included in the monthly rental price. Our water solutions are hassle-free with installation and regular maintenance checks to ensure the highest quality year-round.

Short-Term Contracts

If your business is looking for a more flexible alternative to buying a bottled water cooler and leveraging recurring delivery, Quench offers you the chance to rent a water dispenser across a contract length that suits you.

Fixed Monthly Costs

Rent a bottleless water dispenser from us and enjoy the advantages of our fixed monthly rates and low charges — while resting assured your organization has access to purified water whenever needed. Water cooler rental prices allow you to budget accurately for your water costs, avoiding any high short-term expenditure.

Innovative Technology

Quench is continuously pushing the boundaries of water filtration innovation. Our advanced carbon filtration and reverse osmosis technology protect against bacteria and viruses that may be contaminating your water.
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With Quench Bottleless Water Coolers, Your Business Can:

Save money by avoiding delivery fees, connecting to your building’s existing water line, and filtering water on site.
Free up time for valuable team members that no longer need to oversee and manage water delivery.
Save expensive real estate with more space-efficient water systems.
Limit environmental harm by reducing plastic waste, delivery truck emissions, and more.
Eliminate the risk of injury associated with hefty water jugs.
Reduce sick days attributed to unclean drinking water.