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Countertop Water Dispensers for Your Business

Compact hydration solutions for the workplace.

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Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
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Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
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Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
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Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
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Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
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Why Choose a Quench Countertop Water Dispenser?

If you’re wondering why more than 100,000 customers use Quench nationwide, check out our expert-level services and benefits.

Compact and Convenient
Our countertop coolers are compact and can fit any space in any workplace, providing easy access to great-tasting, filtered water anywhere.
Innovative Technology
Our countertop bottleless water cooler options are equipped with multi-stage water filtration, advanced UV protection, touchless technology, and touchless dispensing.
Save Money
A Quench water cooler can reduce your water costs by 30-80%.
Reduce Your CO2
With our point-of-use countertop water cooler dispenser options, you can drastically cut down your company’s plastic waste, environmental pollution, and carbon emissions.
Easy Installation
Our fully qualified technicians install your countertop water dispenser where and when you need it.
Regular Servicing
We visit your office regularly to sanitize the dispenser and replace your filter to ensure trouble-free operations and the highest-quality water.
Coverage Across Canada
Our friendly customer service team provides a responsive local service on a national scale across Canada to make sure your needs are met.
Effortless service for a good price.
Billing Coordinator,
Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP
If the water from our Quench machine were any better, I would think we had a natural spring in the office.
Managing Partner,
The Capstone Insurance Group
Quench is one of the easiest, quickest, smartest companies I have ever worked with.
Material Assistant,
Blachford RP
Best. Water. Ever. No matter the zip code!
The Pickens Company

What Is a Countertop Water Dispenser and How Does It Work?

A countertop water dispenser is a flexible hydration solution that can fit into any space within your workplace. It provides easy access to instant, great-tasting, and clean drinking water without taking up too much room. The water cooler draws from the building’s existing water supply to provide unlimited bottleless drinks for your business.


Connects to Water Source

Tap water is pulled into the water cooler dispenser from the building’s main source.


Filters Water

It passes through our reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration process that significantly reduces harmful contaminants and bacteria.


Dispenses Filtered Water

The filtered water is stored in the machine’s reservoir until the user needs a drink.