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Water Coolers
For Workplaces

Filter your drinking water and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Every workplace has different water-related needs, and we understand that. Our bottleless water coolers are designed with a number of different product categories in mind, including:

Water Cooler Models

Quench has an advanced suite of bottleless water cooler models that are designed to meet the needs of any workplace, whether you’re looking to provide hydration for a low-traffic office or a high-traffic warehouse.
Standard Capacity
Standard Capacity
High Capacity
Q6 countertop and freestanding machine
High Capacity
High Capacity
High Capacity
High Capacity
Commercial Capacity
205/210 Teaser Image
Medium Capacity
220 Wall Unit Teaser Image
High Capacity
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Compare Our Most Popular Workplace Water Cooler Models

Touchless dispensing
Paddle dispensing
Countertop option
Available with reverse osmosis (RO) filtration
Ambient water option
LED UV & antimicrobial surface protection
Best for small spaces
Best for medium spaces
Best for large spaces

Deciding Which Water Cooler Model Is Best for You?

Quench will work with you to narrow down options and determine which water cooler model is best for your business. With our knowledge and decades of expertise, we're able to provide customized filtered water solutions for each workplace.
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Switching From Bottled Water to Bottleless Water Coolers Saves Money & the Planet

Bottled water delivery is a convenient option, but it comes at a price. Not just in terms of the money you spend on it but also in terms of your environmental impact. Quench machines connect to your facility’s existing water supply and eliminate extra costs associated with water delivery services. Plus, our products are made in an ISO-certified factory, where they operate at high efficiency to minimize waste and the environmental impact of our sustainable water solutions. These efforts result in fewer carbon emissions and a significant reduction in plastic waste. With Quench bottleless water coolers, you can save…

80% on drinking water expenses
7,000+ single-use plastic bottles a year
150+ 5-gallon water jugs a year
53% on carbon emissions
Learn more about the real cost of bottled water 

How Long Does a Water Dispenser Last?

When you rent a bottleless water cooler from Quench, you’re guaranteed to have a machine for as long as you need easy access to fresh, great-tasting, and clean drinking water.

Moreover, if your local water conditions change, or you want to swap out your water dispenser for an upgraded model, it’s easy to do so. Our Quench-badged technicians will take care of all the details for you, including installation and setup. And to make your experience as hassle-free as possible, we schedule an annual preventative maintenance visit — which is included in our rental service to ensure that your cooler is always working at peak performance and lasts as long as possible.

The Quench Difference

30 years of experience
100,000 units installed
100,000+ businesses across North America

Our team is made up of water experts, so you don’t have to be. When you rent one of our bottleless water coolers for your workplace, expect an endless supply of premium filtered and purified water for one low monthly fee, without the stress of staying on top of ordering, storing, and disposing of water bottles.

Our customer service representatives are available from 8 AM – 8 PM EST to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Quench’s account managers will work with you to narrow down the options and determine which water cooler model is best for your business. With our knowledge and decades of expertise, we’re able to provide customized filtered water solutions for each workplace.

In addition, if you want to offer your employees, customers, and visitors a variety of great-tasting beverages, we also have sparkling water dispenserswater machines with ice machines,  and other specialty products that are sure to keep everyone happy.

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