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Touchless Water Dispensers for Workplaces

Great-tasting water that helps to enhance workplace hygiene.

Explore Our Line of Touchless Water Dispensers

Dispense highly filtered, great-tasting drinking water without ever touching a finger to your machine.

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Why Choose Quench’s Touchless Water Dispensers?

From easy-to-use sensor-activated dispensing to foot pedals, our hands-free solutions provide a number of benefits to you, your employees, and your guests.

Reduce Spread of Germs
Reduce the risk of cross-contamination between users with touchless dispensing.
Easy to Use
With innovative sensor-activated or foot pedal dispensing — with clearly marked labels — your employees, guests, and customers can enjoy easy access to great-tasting water.
Simple Installation
Simple retrofit by our qualified technicians means there’s no need to replace your current dispenser.
For Any Environment
Our touchless dispensers are expertly installed by our qualified technicians wherever you want in any office or business environment.
Very happy with the flexibility of service and quick installation time. Water tastes very clean. We love the hot water on demand! Thank you Quench.
Meghan F.,
Vancouver, BC
There are many advantages that I never took into consideration such as no dirt or heavy lifting of those big 18L bottles. Also they are very environmentally friendly.
Marco P.,
Saint-Laurent, QC
Effortless service for a good price.
Billing Coordinator,
Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP
If the water from our Quench machine were any better, I would think we had a natural spring in the office.
Managing Partner,
The Capstone Insurance Group

4 Benefits of Touchless Water Dispensers for Your Workplace


Add a Peace of Mind

Our touchless solution means there’s no need to touch buttons or dials, so there’s less opportunity to spread germs in the workplace. Our foot pedals or sensor-activated buttons can be added to practically any Quench freestanding water dispenser


Protect Your Workplace

Our advanced filtration technology and Firewall® UVC technology cleans water to protect your customers and employees from common drinking water contaminants.


Save Money

Enjoy unlimited, fresh drinking water all year long with no nasty surprises. In the rare event that you have an issue with your machine, our qualified Quench technicians will provide your machine with needed repairs at no cost.


Reduce Environmental Impact

With our point-of-use water dispensers, you can drastically reduce your business’ plastic waste, environmental pollution, and carbon emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bottleless water dispenser?

A bottleless water cooler or dispenser is a machine that dispenses clean, filtered drinking water on demand — typically in offices and workplaces. A point-of-use dispenser is plumbed into a building’s existing water line to provide an unlimited stream of safe drinking water.

Traditional bottled water coolers and dispensers are often cheaply made, have limited options, and can be bad for the environment. Each of Quench’s water dispensers is made with high-quality materials where users can choose between ambient, cold, hot, extra hot, and sparkling water, as well as enjoy unique technology that delivers unrivaled water cleanliness and protection.

How does a touchless water dispenser work?

Our touchless water dispensers are operated using sensor-activated technology or foot pedals that can eliminate the need for users to touch the machine with their hands. Foot pedals are clearly marked to signify which water type they operate. Users simply hover their hands or fingers over a sensor panel or step on a pedal to release a stream of water. Depending on the model chosen, the options include cold, sparkling, ambient, hot, and extra hot.

Are touchless water dispensers safe?

Touchless water dispensers remove the need for users to touch any buttons or dials, which minimizes the opportunity for germs to spread between colleagues. For added safety, each of our water coolers feature advanced filtration in the form of reverse osmosis or carbon filtration to remove harmful levels of bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Plus, our antimicrobial surface protection works around the dispensing nozzle, the water reservoir, and the filter to further reduce harmful germs.

Are touchless water dispensers worth it?

Touchless water dispensers are ideal for any business looking to provide their staff and customers with great-tasting, freshly filtered hydration around the clock. Quench’s range of dispensers is designed to meet the needs of all businesses, whether it be a small office space or a factory with 200+ staff members. Quench touchless water dispensers are available in options providing cold, sparkling, ambient, hot, and extra hot water, as well as high-capacity options for high-traffic areas.

How long do touchless water dispensers last?

Contactless water dispensers can continue to provide great-tasting hydration for many years while they are correctly cared for and serviced. Quench offers twice-a-year servicing and deep cleaning to ensure your water dispensers are in working order all year round.

Do contactless water dispensers save money?

Our range of contactless water dispensers can help you to save between 30-80% on your water costs. We have many options available to suit your requirements, all of which can help you to cut down on water costs. In addition, some of our water coolers automatically go into power-saving mode, reducing energy costs for your business. We offer fixed monthly rates on all of our rental plans — which means there are no hidden costs!

Can a contactless water dispenser work without electricity?

Quench touchless water coolers require a connection to a power supply. Our units enter a power-saving mode when not in use to reduce your energy usage, and we advise that units are continually connected to a power supply to ensure the water is chilled correctly. Our skilled and experienced Quench technicians can help find the perfect location for your water dispenser.

Do touchless dispensers filter water?

Quench’s wide range of touchless water dispensers use your building’s existing water supply and filters it using either reverse osmosis filtration or carbon filtration. This removes contaminants and neutralizes bad taste and odor.