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Quench Q10

Bottleless Water Cooler with Sparkling with Firewall® Protection

Level up your office hydration with a Quench Q10 Bottleless Water Cooler with sparkling water! This stylish water cooler provides cold, ambient, hot, or extra hot water on-demand as well as chilled sparkling water to satisfy any hydration request in the office. Using proprietary Firewall® UV-C technology at the point of dispense and state-of-the-art filtration technology, the Quench Q10 purifies drinking water on-demand, providing a continuous supply of great-tasting, clean still or sparkling water. The Quench Q10 controls microbial growth through antimicrobial surface protection on key surfaces. It also features a “bottles saved counter” to track the number of 16 oz. plastic bottles your users save each time they fill their glass. The Quench Q10 is available in a freestanding model or as space-saving countertop model.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Bottleless high-capacity water cooler
  • Cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot filtered drinking water on-demand
  • Chilled sparkling water
  • Interactive full-color LED display with dial dispensing
  • Optional touchless interface available
  • Antimicrobial surface protection technology
  • Firewall® UV-C technology at the point of dispense for better water quality and system cleanliness
Dimensions50" h x 15.70" w x 20.5" d
127 cm h x 39.9 cm w x 52.07 cm d
17" h x 15" w x 20.5" d
43.18 cm h x 38.1 cm w x 52.07 cm d
Weight103 lbs./46.8 kgs 66 lbs/ 30 kgs
Dispensing Area10.74”/27.28 cm10.74”/27.28 cm
Cold Tank Capacity4.0 gal/15.2 liters/hr4.0 gal/15.2 liters/hr.
Hot Tank Capacity0.4 gal/1.5 liter0.4 gal/1.5 liter
Sparkling Water Capacity3.7 gal / 14 liters/hr.3.7 gal / 14 liters/hr.
Recommended Water Pressure40 – 60 psi40 – 60 psi
Rated Voltage/Frequency120V/60Hz120V/60Hz
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