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Quench 220 Wall

High-Capacity Wall-Mounted Sparkling Water Dispenser

Elevate your hydration choices for guests with a Quench 220 Wall! The Quench 220 Wall offers cold and chilled sparkling water on-demand through hygienic stainless steel push button dispensing. With its ice bank cooling technology, the Quench 220 Wall provides a high volume of filtered still and sparkling water of up to 20 gallons – or over 2,500 12 oz. glasses – in an hour! The Quench 220 Wall has a versatile, compact design that allows it to be installed almost anywhere, making it perfect for busy lobbies, hallways, and a variety of waiting areas.

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Immense supply of chilled sparkling drinking water
  • Freshly filtered cold water on-demand
  • Innovative electronic dispensing with stainless steel push buttons
  • Point-of-use UV light to maintain water cleanliness
  • Ice bank cooling technology for high-capacity dispensing

Wall Mount35.4” h x 10.7” w x 4.5” d /
90 cm h x 27.2 cm w x 11.5 cm d
Undercounter22.2” h x 12.6” w x 18” d /
56.4 cm h x 32 cm w x 45.7 cm d
Dispensing Area Height11”/27.94 cm
Wall Mount Weight15.4 lbs/7 kg
Undercounter Weight64 lbs/29.1 kg
Water OptionsCold still and chilled sparkling water
Maximum Cooling Capacity20 gal/75 liters in an hour
Continuous Cooling Capacity12 gallons/ 45.5 liters
Cooling TechnologyIce bank with stainless steel
cooling coil
Recommended Water Pressure14.5 – 51 psi
Rated Voltages/Frequency115V/60Hz
Power Consumption Wall8 amps
Power Consumption Undercounter10 amps
Model220 Wall

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