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Quench 555/Quench 565

High-Capacity Sparkling Water Dispenser

Upgrade your commercial capacity filtered water dispenser with sparkling water! The Quench 555 is a contemporary commercial-grade filtered still and sparkling water dispensing system. The Quench 555 offers a large dispensing area with tap dispensing, perfect for quick-filling large glasses and carafes. The Quench 565 is the same great machine with a cooling capacity of 40 gallons per hour compared to the Quench 555’s 20 gallons per hour.

Product Features

  • Cold and room temperature filtered water
  • Chilled sparkling water
  • Ice bank cooling technology
  • Tap dispensing
  • Dispensing height of 14.6” to accommodate large glasses or carafes
  • Safety inlet valve for quick shut-off
  • Attractive stainless steel case
  • Available with larger capacity: Quench 565
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