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Quench 960-16/ 965-16

Filtered Water & Chewable Ice Dispenser - 16 lbs

Elevate your breakroom water and ice with the Quench 960-16! The Quench 960-16 water and ice dispenser produces up to 165 lbs. of high-quality chewable ice nuggets while providing freshly filtered ambient and hot drinking water. With its taller “no-bend” ergonomic design, the Quench 960-16 is an attractive addition to any workplace location – break room, kitchen, or hallway. The Quench 960-16 also offers peace of mind with in-tank UV to maintain water cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination. The Quench 960-16 is also available as a compact space-saving countertop model, the Quench 965-16. Water up with the Quench 960-16!

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Filtered ambient and hot drinking water and chewable ice
  • Produces up to 165 lbs of chewable compressed nugget ice in 24 hours*
  • Stores up to 16 lbs of chewable ice
  • State-of-the-art filtration technology
  • In-tank and in-storage bin LED UV to maintain cleanliness
  • Touchless pedal or touch sensor dispensing conversion available
  • Available as a freestanding model or as a space-saving countertop

* Ice production can change based on source water temperature and ambient air temperature.

Dimensions:51.05” h x 14.1” w x 23.75” d /129.7 cm h x 35.9 cm w x 60.4 cm d23.75” h x 14.1” w x 23.75” d /60.4 cm h x 35.9 cm w x 60.4 cm d
Weight:131 lbs/59.5 kgs99 lbs/45 kg
Ice production:165 lbs/74.9 kg in 24 hours165 lbs/74.9 kg in 24 hours
Ice storage capacity:16 lbs/7.3 kg16 lbs/7.3 kg

Quench 960-16/Quench 965-16 High-Capacity Water & Ice Dispenser

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